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  1. The Brand Hub has been as a valuable tool for anyone working with our brands. Whether you are an employee working in marketing or communications or one of our external agencies and partners, the Brand Hub is for you. The new Brand Hub replaces the DPDHL Group Corporate Net.

  2. The Brand Hub was created with simplicity in mind. It is intuitive and easy to navigate. You can switch easily between the DHL and Deutsche Post Brands and Deutsche Post DHL Group in order to quickly find the most relevant content. The Design Guides are logically sorted by topic and purpose in the navigation bar on the left. Tools like the Media Library and the all-new Layout Creator will help you find visual on-brand assets and design on-brand media. Employees and partners involved in our sponsorships will find everything they need in the dedicated Sponsorships section.

  3. In order to continue to set ourselves apart from the competition, our Brands need to be even more unique, emotional, and consistent across the globe. And that starts by making things excellent and keeping things simple. Our new image style, font and design style are intended to be impressively simple and foster creative excellence.

    The new Design Guides are more concise, easier to understand and offer greater flexibility. And they apply equally to both digital and print media. Using numerous illustrations, animations and interactive modules, the content is delivered in a very tangible and practical manner. The goal is to help you bring our Brands to life while making it fun and easy to create on-brand media.

  4. Our new design will have an impact on both the DHL and Deutsche Post Brands as well as the Deutsche Post DHL Group. New Design Guides have been created for all three, and all three will use our custom-created font, Delivery. Whereas new Deutsche Post and DPDHL Group logos have been designed in the new font, the DHL logo will remain the same. Our claim “Excellence. Simply delivered.” will be written in the new typeface.


  1. The 6 month transition period ensures that you will have enough time to smoothly update all affected material to our new font Delivery until the License Agreement for Frutiger expires on Dec 31, 2019.

  2. You will have time to update all affected material to our new font Delivery until the License Agreement for Frutiger expires on Dec 31, 2019.

  3. Print: Any new print production from May 2019 onwards must be executed in Delivery. Remaining stock of previous print productions doesn´t need to be destroyed, but can still be used until Dec 31, 2019.

    Digital: On all existing platforms and websites Frutiger must be replaced by Delivery with the next possible update. Frutiger cannot be used in any digital media assets after Dec 31, 2019.

    • Signage, Vehicles, Fairs & Events: The new font Delivery will be introduced to Deutsche Post, DHL and Deutsche Post DHL. Whereas we have designed new logos in the new font for Deutsche Post and DPDHL Group, the DHL logo will not be changed – only our claim "Excellence. Simply delivered." is affected by the change to the new typeface.
    • Signage doesn't have to be changed immediately. For any planned updates and productions starting in May 2019, Delivery should be used. - All headlines and claims on our trucks will be gradually updated to our new font with the acquisition of new vehicles. Our logos will remain the same.
    • The templates for foil stickers will be updated with the new typeface.
    • Lettering at trade fairs and events should be gradually replaced and updated.

    In general, please ensure there won't be partial updates of the design. Also, do not use Frutiger and Delivery on the same creative. Thank you!

  4. The License agreement ends on December 31, 2019, after which it cannot be used in new media.

  5. We recommend updating all external communications assets as soon as possible since they are strong, highly visible brand-building touchpoints.

    There are no legal implications for legacy assets available for download as non-editable PDF documents.

  6. You do not need to update archived video assets. However, if you edit an existing film that uses Frutiger font in an existing film after the license agreement has expired (December 31, 2019), would require an update to Delivery.

    In terms of brand building and awareness, we recommend only showing video material online or offline at public events that use our new typeface.

  7. As of May 2019, you must print all new materials (including reprints of existing stock) using Delivery.

  8. You need to update any documents created in open, editable formats such as PowerPoint or Word to Delivery by no later than December 31, 2019. However, if such assets are uneditable documents (e.g. PDF files), you may continue to use them after December 31, 2019. If possible, we recommend obtaining a copy of the original file and updating to Delivery.

    You will find Delivery embedded in the new PowerPoint and Word templates. The Quickslide tool can help to change old presentation within the new templates. It can be requested via IT (chargeable) soon. The Supply might differ in time and version between the different Business Units. The license fee for QuickSlide is currently 120,-- Euro per year. These costs are to be borne by each orderer. Employees working on computers that were not purchased via our Group's own IT can download the font package from myNet. External service providers may download the new Deliver font files by registering for access to the Brand Hub, which also includes usage guidelines.

    Frutiger will be automatically uninstalled from all corporate devices at the end of the license period, meaning you won’t be able to display Frutiger in any open documents from that point forward.

    Please note: Whereas only the fixed parts of the Word templates were displayed in Frutiger, PowerPoint uses Arial. At this time there are no plans to uninstall Arial, meaning you will be able to display existing PowerPoints in Arial beyond 2019.

  9. If you work at a workstation or on a laptop purchased by IT GBS, Delivery has been automatically installed by IT Services earlier this year. External partners and service providers may download Delivery from the Brand Hub.

  10. As of December 31, 2019, we will no longer pay licensing fees for our old corporate fonts, Frutiger and Minion, which means usage rights also end on that date.

    Therefore, we need to complete the transition to Delivery and use it exclusively from 01.01.2020 in order to ensure both brand consistency and compliance with license agreements.

    What does that mean for you?
    After December 31, 2019, you may not create any new media using Frutiger or Minion.

  11. Migration to Delivery required.

    Web fonts like Frutiger or Minion often include tracking codes to detect unlicensed use, allowing rights-owners to take legal action, including demanding fines.

    Therefore, it is essential that all web pages and apps are updated to Delivery by the end of 2019.

  12. Colleagues with access to myNet will find Delivery embedded in the new Word and PowerPoint templates.

    This allows external users to view documents in Delivery, even if the font is not installed on their computer. Microsoft’s pre-installed standard font Calibri can be used in emails and Excel and Word files.

    Please avoid using Arial.

    You may format files manually with Delivery when creating internal documents. However, you must create official documents using a Delivery-supported Word or PowerPoint template.

  13. All print media that have already been produced and printed remain protected by licensing agreements and may be used in 2020 and beyond.

    The same applies to saved PDF files.

    Since they may no longer be altered they are no longer considered digital media.
    However, if you reprint any materials, whether modified or not, or if you create new digital media, you may only use Delivery.

  14. A few programs, like email programs, can only display certain system fonts.

    So you can not integrate corporate fonts like Delivery.

    We recommend that you use the standard Microsoft font Calibri, as it is uniformly available across programs.

  15. The update of our Delivery font (and the integration of all languages into one font package) required a line spacing adjustment. As a result, the text in your MS Office documents will need more space. This might affect your documents (e.g. your text might no longer fit in the space). 

    You can fix this in Word and PowerPoint by adjusting the line spacing setting.

    You can download a helpful step-by-step guide here.

Layout Creator

  1. The Layout Creator is an intuitive tool based on artificial intelligence that is designed to help you design a variety of media, such as flyers and posters, for DHL and DPDHL Group. It is fully integrated into the Brand Hub.

    The Layout Creator simplifies the design process by walking you through it step by step, managing your layout and ensuring your design is on-brand. Once you’re finished, it’s easy to export your layout in all the formats needed for print and publication as well as automatically send your layout to the GBS Team for approval if necessary.


  1. Our new design does not affect previously produced media. There is a transition phase until the end of 2019, which gives you time to make the switch, gradually integrating the new design into your communications. Update online media with the next possible release. Update affected hardware with the next update or new purchase.

Media Library

  1. You should always look for imagery and video assets in the Medial Library first. If you cannot find a suitable image, you may look elsewhere for an image to suit your purpose or do a photo shoot do create new images. However, any images you use or create must comply with our guidelines. Please refer to the Imagery Design Guide in the Brand Hub.


  1. The new PowerPoint templates are now available for download exclusively from the Brand Hub. You’ll find them in the associated design guide: DHL and Post & Paket Deutschland.

  2. The new templates offer more space and allow you to focus more on your content. The simple, clear master layout no longer includes certain elements on every slide, such as logos or the Postyellow gradient. It is also more versatile than ever before, allowing you to easily mix and match text and imagery and insert new design elements like info boxes, eye-catchers and large text statements.

    The new templates were developed in line with our look and the latest technology. You can now create even more captivating slides with high quality videos, animations and imagery. And by shifting universally to a 16:9 format, we ensure our presentations are compatible with one another as well as the today’s widescreens and projectors.

  3. A Quick Start Guide and two libraries are available for download. Take advantage of the many sample format and layout options as well as the available imagery, graphics and videos to design engaging, state-of-the art presentations. And use the easily adaptable sample layouts in the Quick Start Guide to discover how simple and versatile our templates can be.

    The following files are available for download:

    • PowerPoint templates with PDF manual

    • Quick Start Guide with step-by-step introduction

    • Layout and Image Library

    • Video and Animation Library

  4. Using the PowerPoint Add-In “QuickSlide”, you can easily insert a variety of diagrams and layout templates into your presentation right in PowerPoint. If available in your business unit, QuickSlide also provides an intelligent conversion tool to convert your existing presentations to the new design. You can inquire about availability or request the add-in from your IT department (licensing and charges apply).

  5. The old templates still meet our Corporate Design guidelines, which means you can continue to use your presentations. However, by the end of 2020 all new PowerPoints should be based on the new templates to ensure our presentations have a consistent look & feel.

  6. The new templates are compatible with the old ones, which makes it relatively easy to convert your content to the new template. That includes copying slides between DHL and DPDHL Group presentations, for example. The templates work with all PowerPoint versions currently in use throughout the Group.

  7. If you have any questions about transferring old templates – or if you require support – please contact our partner Creative Services Bonn, Williams Lea TAG GmbH ( or +49 228 24983 444).


  1. As part of the design update, we have also simplified our product marks. In the future, you will be able to create them yourself instead of having to request a logo case from the Group Brand Services Team. However, the responsible product managers must ensure proper due diligence by their respective legal departments for compliance with product protection laws in your country (word mark or product logo).

    Continue to use the old logo or mark until the issue of trademark protection has been clarified for the new logo or mark in your country. All new products should be created according to the new guidelines, however product managers are responsible for trademark protection.

Deutsche Post

  1. Yes. The Deutsche Post Brand will also use Delivery and follow an updated design style. The newly designed logo all-new Design Guides are found in the Deutsche Post Brand Hub.

Filesharing Tool

  1. You can share files using myShare eFile, the new group-wide file sharing platform that replaces the Filesharing Tool previously found in the Corporate Net. To access myShare eFile, DPDHL Group employees must order the service through Request IT or contact their local Service IT helpdesk. External partners need an invitation link from their DPDHL contact to access the service and exchange files.