Brand Language


The consistent use of language enhances brand recognizability. Corporate wording helps drive this consistency by defining the correct spelling and writing style of important terms like our Brand name, Business Units, products, and solutions. This guide provides an overview of our language, global principles, writing style, and more.

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Simple, clear American English makes it easy for Customers of all ages, cultures, and education levels to understand our content.


Across the globe, we always use the word “Customers” and never “Clients”. In copy text, always capitalize the first letter of the term “Customers”.

Writing style

Brand name

The DHL Brand is always written in upper case letters. It always stands alone and is never connected to other words with a dash.

Group name

Our corporate group name is Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL Group). You may not add or subtract any words.

The Group name Deutsche Post DHL Group is always written as four separate words. You may shorten it to DPDHL Group if necessary.

Business Unit

Always capitalize the first letters in the term “Business Unit”. Write Business Unit names in all-caps (all words capitalized). The prefix “DHL” is added before the Business Unit name.

Write the Business Unit “DHL eCommerce Solutions” with a lowercase “e” and an uppercase “C”.

If more than one Business Unit is mentioned in a sentence, “DHL” must only be written in front of the first instance. Separate three or more BUs with commas. In this case, they may also be written in title case to ensure that individual BUs are not overemphasized.

Corporate Divisions

The Corporate Division Post & Parcel Germany is abbreviated with "P&P" without spaces between the characters.

Customer Promise and Brand Promise

We write our terms "Customer Promise" and "Brand Promise" in mixed notation and in two words.

Our claim “Excellence. Simply delivered.” is written in mixed case. The "d" in "delivered" is written in lowercase.

In the descriptor, use an en-dash with spaces to separate Business Unit and claim.

If the Business Unit and claim are on two lines, as depicted below, an en-dash is not used. For more information about the descriptor, see the Business Units Design Guide.


Industry sectors are written in title case (capitalize first letter of each word). In copy text only, add “DHL” before the sector name and “Sector” after it.

Products and solutions

Product and solution families are written in title case (capitalize first letter of each word). As a rule, omit “DHL” and add the term “Products” or “Solutions” in title case.

The same applies to product and solution names; however, you may add “DHL” before the product or solution name in copy text only.

DPDHL Group initiatives

Group initiatives like GoGreen are written in upper camel case. In main headlines, GoGreen is always written in all-caps.