Brand Basics

Brand Strategy

Our company purpose defines the goal DHL strives for. Our brand positioning defines what the DHL brand stands for. Our brand personality defines how the DHL brand looks, feels and behaves. Learn how brand positioning and personality serve as the fundamental starting point for more distinctive and emotional design, communication and behavior.

Brand Strategy
  • Company Purpose
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Personality
  • Examples

Company Purpose

What does the DHL brand strive for?

Through global trade, we influence and change the lives of billions of people. We are conscious of our responsibility and serve a greater purpose: We connect people, improving their lives.

Brand Positioning

What does our DHL brand stand for?

Our DHL brand positioning is based on our customers’ needs. It includes our claim, which is the promise we make to our customers: “Excellence. Simply delivered.” Our brand values give us guidance. By transferring them into real customer and employee experiences, we keep this promise.

Brand Promise:

Excellence. Simply delivered.

Brand Values:

  • Simplifying – We strive to simplify our customers’ lives
  • Sustainable – The long-term benefit of our customers lies at the heart of our business
  • Globally local – Wherever our customers need us, we are there
  • Committed – We take care of our customers’ goods as if they were our own

Brand Personality

How does our DHL brand feel and behave?

We operate in a highly competitive market in which logistics products and services are often considered to be interchangeable, generic services. In order to stand out, we need to make our brand shine brighter than ever before. Our Brand personality defines what DHL looks like and how it communicates and behaves. It inspires our designs and communications, making our Brand more tangible for for our target audience. 

Character traits:

  • Innovative and skillful
  • Optimistic and courageous
  • Responsible and empathetic


  • Bright
  • Focused
  • Energetic

Core Desire:

DHL champions the kind of bold ideas that will make our customers more successful and improve people’s lives. We believe that it takes a team to achieve this, therefore we attract smart people with our positive and open attitude.


  • “Everything is possible – if we are open for new ideas, think smart and act brave.”
  • Knowledge and experience are the foundation, but to not stand still you have to combine it with a lot of creative intelligence.”
  • Sustainability and innovation belong together – for a strong positive impact on our business, society and environment.”


Image Style

Once we’ve defined who we are, we used our traits and tonalities and brought our personality to life in a more emotional image style. The DHL Image Style is derived directly from the tonalities bright, focused and energetic.


Light and warm colors, slightly desaturated.


Blurred foregrounds and/or backgrounds, people in focus, unusual perspectives.


Interesting perspectives, contrasts and 
eye-catching image sections.


There are a lot of different topics at DHL. Our brand personality does not define the content itself, but what kind of content we should focus on and how it should be communicated.

To be emphasized:

  • Topics that underline innovation and skills for our customers – whether its logistics, technology, digital services, mobility, …
  • Pioneering topics shape our brand better than well-known.
  • Focus on sustainable topics that have a strong, positive impact on society and the environment.
  • Cooperate with brands that share our research-based, skill-driven and customer-centric approach.

Not to be emphasized:

  • Technical details that customer are not interested in.
  • Complexity of our business.
  • Topics that are taken for granted.

Business Attitude

  • Listen to our customers – innovations and excellent services should answer their needs.
  • Be open. Sharing innovations and ideas is part of our culture. Also practice the other way round: learning and benefiting from others. It’s ok to cooperate, adopt and improve ideas from others.
  • Do not boast about our experience and skills, but let our customers participate and benefit from the results of our skills and experience.
  • How we do our job is not the focus of the customer experience, more important is that they can trust us and feel well-cared for.
  • Show our can-do attitude, be courageous to tackle new challenges – there is always a good solution.
  • No-Go: “Standard is just good enough for this customer”.

Attitude towards employees

  • Develop and boost individual skills of colleagues. A team of experienced, well-trained and motivated employees is the hero.
  • Stay optimistic to find a better solution.
  • In a positive and optimistic team atmosphere, ambitious goals will be made possible.
  • Empower your colleagues to be brave, to think outside the box and work with agile methods. Do not try. Do!
  • Be courageous and optimistic, never accept the status quo. Never stop learning
  • No-Go: “We’ve always done it that way.”
  • No-Go: “Don’t ask, just do your job.”