Brand Basics

Visual Appearance

DHL’s visual appearance is defined by a number of unique design elements that make our brand unmistakable. This guide provides a brief overview along with quick links to related guides for more detailed information.

Visual Appearance
  • Living “Excellence. Simply delivered.”
  • Key color combination
  • Key design elements

Living “Excellence. Simply delivered.”

Our claim “Excellence. Simply delivered.” also applies to our designs and communications. That’s why we deliver a look and feel that is simply focused, approachable and comprehensible.

We use unique DHL design elements to ensure that our wide range of touchpoints around the world maintain a similar visual appearance. These elements are very versatile, which allows you to more easily communicate our brand across all media.

Key color combination

Postyellow and DHL Red

Our signature color combination of Postyellow and DHL Red is bright and energetic. It gives our brand an unmistakable characteristic that stands out from our competitors. The two colors direct attention to our logo as well as to the central messages and key functions in our communications.

Key design elements


In DHL Red on a Postyellow background, our energetic logo strengthens our global position, uniting us as the leading brand in the global express and logistics business. In order to consistently show the world that we are one brand and one team, we need to ensure our one logo is used consistently around the world and is not altered.

Postyellow gradient

Our Postyellow gradient is a central and permanent design element. It builds the stage on which to place our logos and it immediately attracts attention. Two Postyellow gradients are available:

  1. Free-floating highlight gradient
  2. Full-format gradient that fills whole layouts or sections.


Postyellow and DHL Red are our brand colors. The combination is key to making our brand instantly recognizable around the world. Placing our logo, typography, icons, and interface elements in DHL Red focuses the eye on important messages and information and calls users to action. In addition to the Postyellow gradient, white is our preferred color for backgrounds, supported by light gray tones to create a bright overall appearance. Black is used for long copy texts.

“Delivery” typeface

“Delivery” is the DPDHL Group’s tailor-made typeface. Energetic headlines in Black Condensed style combined with toplines and sublines in Light Condensed, both set in uppercase and DHL Red, produce a distinct visual element that is key to our corporate design.

Imagery, illustration, and icon style

Our visual language “Focus on you” and unique illustrations create a high, media-independent recognizability. The DHL image style is bright and energetic, with depth of focus and vivid color contrasts. DHL illustrations do not have contours. Drawings are solid and flat, with lines used as accents only if necessary. Likewise, DHL icons are flat, do not have contours, and are preferably set in DHL Red.