Our DHL logo can be integrated into customer webshops with the addition ”Delivered by" and together with the GoGreen product logo. This guide provides you with an overview of the available logos and information on how to order and to apply them.

  • Ordering Logos
  • Logos
  • Placement, Size and Positioning

Ordering Logos

If you are a DHL customer and would like to use a co-branded logo, please send a request for a specific logo to:

Group Brand Services Team
Phone: +49 228 182-10444



Here is an overview of the current webshop co-branding logos.

Placement, Size and Positioning

The original versions of all logos must be used on white and light backgrounds. The version with white text is only used on dark backgrounds. All other color versions of both logos are not permitted. The additional descriptor “Delivered by” can be omitted if the logo is used with a headline like “Delivery”, “Shipping”, etc.

Original version. The minimum width of all logos is 100 px.

Logo version for webshops with dark backgrounds. The minimum width of all logos is 100 px.