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There are seven key overarching Certified Programs within the DPDHL Group. In this Design Guide, you will learn how to create communication materials for your required Certified program and how to use the required Certified logo in a variety of media.

Certified Logos
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The Certified International Specialist (CIS) concept was initiated by DHL Express in 2010 with the aim of providing an effective blend of engagement, education and knowledge transfer to employees to create a long lasting cultural shift.

Following the success of the DHL Express CIS Program and the launch of Strategy 2025, the Certified program has become a Group-wide initiative, with each division driving its own dedicated Certified program.

Below is the list of our seven Certified programs and their corresponding logos:

  • CIS: Certified International Specialist
  • CSCS: Certified Supply Chain Specialist
  • CIF: Certified International Forwarder
  • CFS: Certified Freight Specialist
  • P&P: Experte Post & Paket Deutschland
  • CLP: Certified Logistics Professional
  • CES: Certified eCommerce Specialist




All logos within the Certified program follow the same layout principle.


The size of the Certified logo depends on the size of the DHL logo. If both logos are placed next to each other, they share the same baseline. To ensure the the Certified logo retains its legibility and integrity in print media, the minimum width is 13 mm. If you resize the DHL logo, adjust the Certified logo accordingly. The width of the Certified logo should remain 55% of the DHL logo.

Size of the DHL logo without brand field compared with the Certified logo.

Size of the DHL logo with brand field compared with the Certified logo.


Always place a Certified logo within the the type area and in combination with the DHL logo. Follow the principles laid out in our Additional Logo and Co-Branding Design Guides.

A visual relationship

Position the Certified logo based on the position of the DHL logo. Place it within the type area and at a clear distance from the DHL logo.

A boilerplate

Consider inserting a Certified logo below the copy text as a boilerplate and aligned with text, creating a vertical axis between the DHL logo, the left edge of the copy text, and the Certified logo. The minimum distance to the copy text is two blank lines.

As a key visual

When using a full-format gradient as background, the Certified logo can be placed on the layout much larger than the DHL logo, similar to a key visual. However, this option should be used rarely and only as an exception.

Placement on other touchpoints

Certified logos are usually placed in one corner of the Gradient Module. There should be an obvious visual relationship between the Certified logo and the DHL logo.

Special case: P&P Experte

The P&P Experte logo is used in Post & Parcel Germany layouts, but not in DHL layouts. Post & Parcel Germany layouts follow the Corporate Design of Deutsche Post DHL Group with one exception: communications are co-branded with the Deutsche Post and DHL logos. Since the Corporate Design of DHL and DPDHL Group follow the same principles, the P&P Experte logo can be placed as all other Certified logos shown above. The application options are the same.

Selected examples of the P&P Expert logo placement in Post & Parcel Germany layouts

Special case: CLP

All CLP applications are branded with the logos of Deutsche Post and DHL. The CLP logo can be placed as all other Certified logos shown above. The application possibilities are the same.

Selected examples of the CLP logo placement in co-branded DHL layouts

Co-Branding DHL and Deutsche Post

A predefined ratio determines the size and spacing of the two logos. This means the width of the DHL logo is always 85% the width of the Deutsche Post logo. 

One exception is business stationery, where both logos are displayed on the brand field and have the same height and width, regardless of the placement.

The horizontal and vertical minimum distance between both logos is one base unit. The Deutsche Post logo always comes first, followed by the DHL logo.

Horizontal alignment (left), vertical alignment (right)


If you need additional support or inspiration to help you design Certified program materials, please contact the Group Brand Services Team. The help desk is available five days a week (Monday–Friday) from 8:00 to 18:00 CET.

Group Brand Services Team
Phone: +49 228 182-10444



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