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First Choice is a key part of our Strategy 2025 and a key component of our Common DNA. It supports our efforts to be a customer-centric quality leader by continuously improving. In this guide, you’ll learn how to use and place the First Choice logo in your layouts.

First Choice
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Logo versions

Basic logo

The color version of the basic logo should always be your first choice. However, the black and white version is available for layouts that don't accommodate the color version.

Tool logos

There are many different processes and methodologies that support our First Choice initiatives, some of which can be communicated using a specific “tool logo” rather than the basic logo. The layout principle for the tool logos is the same as the basic logo.

Logo size

The size of the First Choice logo depends on the size of the DHL logo. If both logos are placed next to each other, they share the same baseline. To ensure that the logo retains its legibility and integrity in print media, the minimum width is 21 mm.

Size of the DHL logo without brand field compared with the First Choice logo.

Size of the DHL logo with brand field compared with the FirstChoice logo.


Always place the First Choice logo within the type area and in combination with the DHL logo. Follow the layout principles laid out in our Additional Logo and Co-Branding Guides.

A visual relationship

Position the First Choice logo based on the position of the DHL logo. Place it within the type area and at a clear distance from the DHL logo.

A boilerplate

Consider inserting the First Choice logo below the copy text as a boilerplate and aligned with text, creating a vertical axis between the DHL logo, the left edge of the copy text, and the First Choice logo. The minimum distance to the copy text is two blank lines.


In copy text, First Choice is always written in uppercase, and in main headlines it is always written in all-caps.


If you need additional support or inspiration to help you design First Choice materials, please contact the Group Brand Services Team. The help desk is available five days a week (Monday - Friday) from 8:00 to 18:00 CET.

Group Brand Services Team
Phone: + 49 228 182-10444


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