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GoGreen and GoGreen Plus

Our group-wide environmental protection program GoGreen is an expression of our strong sense of responsibility to the environment. This guide introduces you to the GoGreen and GoGreen Plus logos and the GoGreen icon, defines their appearance and spelling, and demonstrates how to use them in your layouts.

GoGreen and GoGreen Plus
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Logo versions

The layout and usage principles outlined in this guide apply to both the GoGreen, the GoGreen Plus logo and GoGreen logos with a subline.  

Standard GoGreen logo without subline

Use the GoGreen logo without subline for all communication campaigns related to our climate-friendly measures, products and services. It is used in particular to identify climate-friendly products in our own media as well as in our customers’ and partners’ media. It may therefore be used in both internal and external media. The version with a white stripe behind the GoGreen lettering is placed on Postyellow backgrounds. The version with a Postyellow stripe is used on all other backgrounds.

GoGreen Plus logo

The GoGreen Plus logo identifies products whose carbon footprint has been substantially reduced with the help of clean processes, technologies and fuels. It may be used in both internal and external partners’ media."

GoGreen logo with subline

Whenever our DHL logo cannot be placed in third-party media, the previously used GoGreen logos with a subline are used. This is necessary to communicate the relationship of GoGreen to our brand(s) in other brands’ media.The GoGreen Plus logo is not available with a subline.

Two different logo versions are available to ensure legibility on a variety of backgrounds. However, if you wish to place the logo on an image, please contact Group Brand Services.

Mission 2050-initiative logo – only with DPDHL Group

Use the logo for the Mission 2050 initiative only in communication campaigns related to general sustainability content for our DPDHL Group, for example when DPDHL informs about its general sustainability goals. The Mission 2050 logo will therefore no longer be used in communication campaigns by DHL, Post & Paket Deutschland and Deutsche Post.

Logo size

The size of the logo depends on the size of the DHL logo. If both logos are placed next to each other, they share the same baseline. To ensure legibility and integrity in print media, the minimum width of the program and the product logo is 14 mm. If the DHL logo is resized, adjust the GoGreen logo proportionally. The GoGreen logo retains the width of 70% of the DHL logo.

Size of the DHL logo without brand field compared with the GoGreen logo.


Always place the GoGreen logo within the type area and in combination with the DHL logo. Follow the layout principles laid out in our Additional Logo and Co-Branding Guides.

A visual relationship

Position the logo based on the position of the DHL logo. Place it within the type area and at a clear distance from the DHL logo.

A boilerplate

Consider inserting the logo below the copy text as a boilerplate and aligned with text, creating a vertical axis between the DHL logo, the left edge of the copy text, and the logo. The minimum distance to the copy text is two blank lines.

Do not place GoGreen logo in DPDHL Group communications

GoGreen is the environmental protection program of our service brands. Therefore, use the GoGreen logo only for communication campaigns concerning climate-products, services and measures within the media of Deutsche Post, DHL and Post & Paket Deutschland. The GoGreen logo is therefore no longer used in DPDHL Group media.

Naming and branding products and solutions with GoGreen and GoGreen Plus

Touchpoints that communicate products and solutions with GoGreen and GoGreen Plus are branded with the GoGreen or GoGreen Plus logo. The product and service logotypes are formatted in Delivery Bold Italic (See the Products and Solutions Guide for more details). 

In addition to placing the GoGreen or GoGreen Plus logo in your layouts (see section above), use the text in your layout to reinforce the connection to GoGreen or GoGreen Plus. Two potential options are illustrated below.

DO NOT add the terms GoGreen or GoGreen Plus to the product or solution names (logotypes). Exception: The term is an essential part of the name (e.g. “DHL GoGreen Consulting”).

1. Optional value-added service

Here the product name (logotype) remains unchanged. In addition to the usual placement of the GoGreen logo, you have the option of adding “with GoGreen” to the copy text to communicate the added value.

2. Product/Solution feature

Here again the product name (logotype) remains unchanged. In addition to the usual placement of the GoGreen logo, add “including GoGreen” or ““includes GoGreen” in the copy text to communicate that GoGreen product feature rather than an optional add-on.

3. Essential product/solution name

In some essential cases, “GoGreen” or GoGreen Plus” becomes part of the name and is integrated into the logotype.


GoGreen Icon

The GoGreen icon can be used in place of the GoGreen logo in the following situations:

  1. When it is not possible to appropriately place the GoGreen logo or if it would become illegible due to space constraints – for example, in mobile digital applications.

  2. When multiple products or content items must be marked asGoGreen products or GoGreen measures at the same time – for example, in a listing of GoGreen and non-GoGreen products.

The green color version of the icon should always be your first choice. However, the black and white version is available for layouts that don’t accommodate the color version. 

GoGreen icon marks climate-friendly options in a mobile app

GoGreen icon marks climate-friendly options in a mobile app


GoGreen is written in camel case. In main headlines that are written in all-caps, GoGreen is also written in all-caps.

GoGreen Plus is written in camel case. The words “GoGreen” and “Plus” are separated by a blank space. In main headlines that are written in all-caps, GoGreen Plus is also written in all-caps.

As an exception or to highlight the group initiative, you can format up to three words of the main headline in dark green.


If you need additional support or inspiration to help you design GoGreen materials, please contact the Group Brand Services Team. The help desk is available five days a week (Monday–Friday) from 8:00 to 18:00 CET.

Group Brand Services-Team
Telefonnummer: +49 228 182-10444


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