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In this guide you will learn more about our Group-wide program GoTrade. You will also find the program’s logos, usage guidelines, and helpful examples.

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Logo versions

The GoTrade logo layout principles and usage guidelines in this guide apply to both internal and external communications.

Program logo for internal media

For all internal media, use the GoTrade logo excluding additional text.

Two different logo versions are available to ensure legibility on a variety of backgrounds. However, if you wish to place the logo on an image, please contact the Group Brand Services Team.

Program logo for external media

For all external media, use only the GoTrade logo including additional text.

Logo size

The size of the logo depends on the size of the DHL logo. If both logos are placed next to each other, they share the same baseline. To ensure legibility and integrity in print media, the minimum width of the program logo is 17 mm. If the DHL logo is resized, adjust the GoTrade logo proportionally. The width of the GoTrade logo is always equal to 70% of the DHL logo. The GoTrade logo with additional text for external media is always the same width as the DHL logo.

Size of the DHL logo without brand field compared with the GoTrade logo.

Size of the DHL logo with brand field compared with the GoTrade logo.


Always place the GoTrade program logo within the the type area and in combination with the DHL logo. Follow the layout principles laid out in our Additional Logo and Co-Branding Guides.

A visual relationship

Position the logo based on the position of the DHL logo. Place it within the type area and at a clear distance from the DHL logo.

A boilerplate

You can also insert the logo below the copy text as a boilerplate and align it with the copy text. The left edge of the copy text and the GoTrade logo should form a vertical line. The minimum distance to the copy text is two blank lines.


Write the term GoTrade in camel case, meaning each word in the compound is capitalized. In headlines, write GoTrade preferably in all caps.


If you need additional support or inspiration to help you design GoTrade materials, please contact the Group Brand Services Team. The help desk is available five days a week (Monday–Friday) from 8:00 to 18:00 CET.

Group Brand Services Team
Phone: +49 228 182-10444


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