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Strategy 2025

With our “Strategy 2025 – Delivering excellence in a digital world”, we have laid the foundation to continue our successful growth trajectory, focusing on our profitable core with digitalization being the key lever to become more effective, more efficient, and to create growth opportunities. The Strategy 2025 logo illustrates the essence of our strategy: digitalization and sustainability creates excellence, which we deliver for the benefit of our Customers and investors.

Strategy 2025
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Logo versions

Basic logo

The color version of the basic logo should always be your first choice. However, the black and white version is available for layouts that don't accommodate the color version.

Logo size

The size of the Strategy 2025 logo depends on the size of the DHL logo. If both logos are placed next to each other, they share the same baseline. To ensure the Strategy 2025 logo retains its legibility and integrity in print media, the minimum width is 20 mm. If the DHL logo is resized, adjust the Strategy 2025 logo proportionally. The width of the Strategy 2025 logo is always 110% of the DHL logo.

Size of the DHL logo without brand field compared with the Strategy 2025 logo.

Size of the DHL logo on brand field compared with the Strategy 2025 logo.


Always place the Strategy 2025 logo within the type area and in combination with the DHL logo. Follow the layout principles laid out in our Additional Logo and Co-Branding Guides.

A visual relationship

Position the Strategy 2025 logo based on the position of the DHL logo. Place it within the type area and at a clear distance from the DHL logo.

A boilerplate

Consider inserting the Strategy 2025 logo below the copy text as a boilerplate and aligned with text, creating a vertical axis between the DHL logo, the left edge of the copy text, and the Strategy 2025 logo. The minimum distance to the copy text is two blank lines.

Key visual as design element and graphic pattern

The key visual embodies excellence with abstract light and gloss effects that are also reminiscent of stars. These are partly connected by lines to form a digital network, which itself has the shape of a tree that symbolizes our commitment to sustainability and our financial growth rooted in a solid foundation.

The key visual of the Strategy 2025 logo can be used as an additional design element in layout backgrounds. In this case, place it in white and only on a Postyellow background. Apply an opacity of 25% to 75%.

You can also use the key visual to create a graphic pattern, such as the year 2025 as illustrated below. Placed in white on a Postyellow background and with a minimum opacity of 50%.

Use one of each element as an additional graphic element in combination with the Strategy 2025 logo, but not as a substitute for it. Scale and cut as required. See examples below.


In copy text, always write Strategy 2025 in mixed case. In main headlines always write it in all-caps.

Three Bottom Lines Graphic

"Excellence. Simply delivered." is our Mission. It's the promise we've made to our Customers. We deliver world-class logistics –  and we achieve that by pursuing three bottom lines:

  • Employer of Choice: Engaged employees bring passion and commitment to work and deliver exceptional quality.

  • Provider of Choice: Exceptional quality delights our customers and leads to loyalty.

  • Investment of Choice: Customer loyalty leads to profitable growth.


The graphic below ties these bottom lines together around our company purpose “Connecting People, Improving Lives”. You’ll find downloadable files for this graphic at the end of this Design Guide.


If you need additional support or inspiration to help you design Strategy 2025 materials, please contact the Group Brand Services Team. The help desk is available five days a week (Monday - Friday) from 8:00 to 18:00 CET.

Group Brand Services Team
Phone: + 49 228 182-10444


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