Design Basics


This guide explains how to use DHL’s variety of eye-catchers to highlight important information, special offers, or services.

  • Essentials
  • Examples
  • Style and construction
  • Placement
  • Themed eye-catchers
  • Eye-catchers with script font
  • Dos and Don’ts


Eye-catchers attract attention and focus the eye on what’s essential. They are short and the most important information (e.g number) is enlarged to attract the eye. The most typical eye-catchers are DHL Red or white rectangles rotated 7° counter-clockwise. The text is formatted in Delivery Bold. Alternative versions are available and described below.


Style and construction

We recommend Delivery Bold in white on DHL Red backgrounds, or DHL Red on white backgrounds, text aligned flush-left, and line spacing set at 135%. 

Font size
Select a font size large enough to really catch the viewer’s eye in your layout. Bring out the most important information (e.g. number) by increasing the font size. The maximum font ratio (proportion) is 1:10.

The margin separating the text area from the border has to be ½ base unit (on all sides).

Rotating your eye-catcher 7° counter-clockwise makes it even more striking.

Set the background in white or DHL Red. Our green tone may be used for materials related to GoGreen and sustainability. Do not use gradients or other effects such as shadows or blur.


Insert your eye-catcher within the branding area in a place that attracts the most attention.

Themed eye-catchers

Themed eye-catchers are designed to visually support certain concepts or campaigns. Their style is clear, simple, and immediately recognizable. Use a mix of sharp and rounded corners and show only as much detail as necessary.

Types of themed eye-catchers

Eye-catchers with script font

To add an emotional element to the information in your eye-catcher, you can use our handwriting font Kalam. Please use it only in combination with eye-catchers. Kalam is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. and can be downloaded here.

Dos and Don’ts