Design Basics


Icons can be an effective way to communicate with users. DHL icons help illustrate our message, highlight content, and represent functions. In this guide, you will learn more about the clear style and flexible application of our icons and find the icons you need in our comprehensive icon library.

  • Essentials
  • Examples
  • Style
  • Fields of applications
  • Icons in illustrations
  • Icons in other contexts
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Our icon style is clear, simple and flat, with a mix of sharp and round corners. Our icons show only as much detail as necessary, and they generally appear in DHL Red. Alternatively, they may also be in white, black, or gray tones.



Icons are two-dimensional, solid, and flat. When perspective is necessary for understanding a given icon, isometry can be used.

The shift between sharp and rounded corners provides a balanced overall picture.

Line width
Standard line width for all icons is 2 px for 56 by 56 px. This translates to 1 pt for 10 by 10 mm.


Dos and Don’ts

Fields of applications

Icons should appear in DHL Red. Alternatively, they may also be in white, black, or gray tones.

Background color
Icons may be placed on Postyellow, gray, or white backgrounds.

Background shape
Icons may be placed on all kinds of shapes, from squares and circles to no background at all.

Ensure that there is a clear visual distance between icons and other elements, such as text.

Icons in illustrations

Our icons may also be used in illustrations to help tell your story. They may be used individually or together with other icons and in variable sizes and colors, such as DHL Red, Postyellow, grey tones, white, and shades of Postyellow. Illustrations are generally placed on a white background or the Postyellow gradient. Do not alter the shape of an icon.

From informative and simple to emotive and complex

Icons in other contexts

Use icons to symbolize a function, command, file, device, or in combination with a button.

Product and solution families
We have predefined icons for each of our product and solution families. The product icons should be displayed in DHL Red and the solution icons in 60% black. All product and solution family icons always appear in combination with the corresponding family name.

Sector communication
We use sector icons to illustrate the different industry sectors in which DHL is involved. Use each icon only in combination with its corresponding sector name.


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