Design Basics

Tables and Charts

Tables and charts allow you to organize information (often statistical) in a very structured, easy-to-understand way. This guide will show you how to render the various design elements as well as what types of tables and charts may be used in DHL media.

Tables and Charts
  • Essentials
  • Structure
  • Style
  • Chart Types
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Templates


Our tables and charts provide a wide range of options for displaying information in a clear and structured manner. They follow the same basic structure and style and are easy to create.


Tables and charts have the same basic structure. They are framed by two strong lines and follow the same typographical rules. The body is made up of the same modules. 



Two headline options are available:

Option A: Black Condensed, uppercase, left-aligned. Optional top- or subline in Light Condensed, uppercase, line spacing 100%.

Option B: Bold, mixed case, left-aligned. Choose this option for a more subtle appearance. Headline must be placed at a clear visual distance from the table/chart, and the font size must be larger than the table/chart copy.

Text and marginalia
Regular, mixed case. Use Bold to highlight text such as column headers.

Marginalia in the footer is treated like a caption: Regular and mixed case.


Highlight important information in rows, columns, or cells by adding backgrounds or borders. We recommended background colors in 30% yellow and 10% black and column borders in yellow. Other shades may be used if required. In digital applications, consider using a mouse-over effect to highlight important information in single cells.


Display the various elements of charts, such as lines or bars, in different colors and/or shades. We recommend Postyellow, DHL Red and shades of black (up to 80% black). If other colors are required, such as the corporate colors of competitors or our dark green for GoGreen, feel free to use those colors.

Chart Types

Bar, line and donut charts

Organizational and flow charts

Dos and Don’ts


You can find ready-made tables and charts for print media in our templates.