Business Communication

To make sure you always have everything you need, this guide gives you an ­overview of our most important business communication tools.

Business Communication
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PowerPoint® presentations

Our PowerPoint® templates help you to easily create standard DHL presentations. They come with pre-configured basic settings, such as font, font size, line spacing, color, etc. Download the appropriate template along with the image and graphic libraries and create an appealing presentation using the many format and layout options.


Two formats are available: 4:3 (standard) and 16:9 (widescreen). The two formats are compatible. Choose the format according to the context of your presentation. Will you be presenting on a TV screen? Or will the presentation be read-only? We recommend checking the final presentation under realistic conditions.

Presentation in 4:3 format

 Presentation in 16:9 format


Use the various slide layouts provided in the template to create effective presentations. Add an individual character to your presentation by combining layouts. More information and technical notes on using different layouts are shown at the beginning and end of each PowerPoint® template.

Image and graphic library

Use images or illustrative graphics such as tables and diagrams to highlight important content and texts. These elements make a presentation more interesting and memorable. The image library provides impressive photos for your titles or divider charts. The graphics library offers you a large selection of different modules to present information clearly. 

The image library is included in the PowerPoint® template and the graphic library can be downloaded as a separate file.


Each PowerPoint® template package in the download section contains the following documents:

  • PowerPoint® template
  • English manual
  • Image library
  • Template with co-branding logo


If you need additional support to use our PowerPoint® templates, please contact:

Presentations Services Project Management
Williams Lea Tag GmbH
Phone: +49 228 24983 444

Email signature

Our email signature is used to provide personal contact information, legal terms and other boilerplate information that is relevant to the recipient. It is inserted at the end of each email message. The information below will help you create your personal email signature and integrate it into your email client. The example shown below is based on the legal requirements in Germany. Because the requirements for email signatures vary from country to country, please consult with your legal department in your country for guidance.

Standard version

Short version

As an alternative to the standard signature, you can also use the shortened version. In this version, some line breaks and blank lines are deleted, the font and font size remain the same.

Styles and elements

Our email signature (and message) font is Calibri. Highlights, such as the name of the company, are formatted in Calibri Bold. If you are sending an email as a DPDHL Group employee for the first time, please download the signature file and integrate it into your email client. The following images show and describe the various elements of a signature.

Promotional content

To promote internal or external programs, events or initiatives, you may add promotional content in the form of banners, logos, or text to your email signature.


If you need additional support or help to use the standard email signature, please contact our Group Brand Services-Team. The help desk is available five days a week (Monday–Friday) from 8:00 to 18:00 CET.

Group Brand Services-Team
Phone: +49 228 182-10444


Stationery DHL

Stationery Post & Parcel Germany


If you download any document, you accept our Terms and Conditions.

DHL Email Signature
33.44 KB
DHL PPT Template 4:3
9.33 MB
DHL PPT Template 16:9
4.44 MB
DHL GBS PPT Template 4:3
14.00 MB
DHL GBS PPT Template 16:9
13.94 MB
P&P PPT Template 4:3
6.15 MB
P&P GBS PPT Template 16:9
6.14 MB
PPT Image Library
10.59 MB
PPT Layout Library
15.24 MB
MS Office ColorTheme
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Calendar 2020

3-4 Month Back
147.06 MB
12 Months Tent Calendar
808.63 MB
12 Month Wall Calendar
809.58 MB
52 Weeks Desk Diary Title
530.55 MB
Executive Calendar Title
146.80 MB
Pocket Calendar Title
139.30 MB
Schreibunterlage DE
530.76 MB
Screen Calender
990.41 KB
Wandplaner 960x697 DE
531.77 MB
DHL Keyvisual PeopleOptions
220.11 MB