Online Banners

Online banner advertisements are a key online marketing tool. They are affordable, measurable and fast to roll out. However, banners need to catch the attention of an audience in seconds. Therefore, they should be short, bold, and relevant. In this guide, we introduce you to the various available formats and on-brand DHL designs.

Online Banners
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A variety of banner formats are available, depending on the advertising platform. Choosing the right format is crucial for a successful ad campaign. The best and most successful banner formats are shown below.

Standard formats


Display size


728 × 90 px


160 × 600 px

Inline Rectangle

300 × 250 px

Mobile Banner

320 × 50 px

Other formats used by DHL


Display size

Wallpaper (Hockey Stick)

728 × 90 px + 160 × 190 px

Layer Ad Large

640 × 480 px

Layer Ad

400 × 400 px


Our DHL layout principle is useful for all design work, and banners are no exception. Typical banner elements include the DHL logo, brand colors, a headline and a clear call to action. To stand out from its surroundings, DHL banners usually feature a full-format image or gradient as background. Refer to the Layout Principle Design Guide for more about placing these elements.



Animated banners often perform better than static banner ads. If you use animation, it should support the ad and not distract users from the core message. When using multiple slides, each one should linger long enough to be readable. Read the copy out loud yourself to easily determine if the timing is right. Many advertising platforms reduce animation options, such as overall duration or loop behavior. Make sure your banners still send the right message  when animation stopped.

Dos and Don’ts