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Branding and Ordering Process

A standardized branding process is essential to ensure uniform and consistently high-quality branding at all our buildings. This guide outlines the basics of this process and illustrates the fundamental steps needed to optimize planning and production. You’ll also find contact information for ordering branding and signage elements.

Branding and Ordering Process
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Uniform DHL branding should be a priority right from the beginning. Every sign, color and material plays an important role in the building’s overall appearance. We have detailed specifications regarding colors, shapes, sizes and materials – from facades and signs on the premises to ads and displays inside the buildings.

These specifications are part of an established and standardized branding process for interior and exterior design in Germany and parts of Europe. This centrally organized process applies to all buildings and all divisions. If required, the process is used to plan and produce the right branding and all associated design elements and document all information in our database. This way we ensure consistent quality and uniform branding. The process is supported by Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM), Group Brand Marketing and Corporate Design Services, who are available to answer questions and supply information.


Step 1: Planning

Step 2: Realization


Within Europe, use our Corporate Design Services platform to order items and tools for all branding and signage elements quickly and conveniently.

If you are ordering from outside of Europe, please use our agreement with Avery Dennison instead of ordering from other manufacturers who may not meet all our requirements.


If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the Group Brand Services Team. The help desk is available five days a week (Monday–Friday) from 8:00am to 6:00pm CET.

Group Brand Services Team
Telefon: +49 228 182-10444