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Events and trade fairs are an important touchpoint at which we can enter into dialogue with our Customers and employees. An inspiring event can sustainably strengthen our brand image. Learn more about event branding and the various options for designing the individual building blocks.

Events and Fairs
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At the center of any successful event are the communicated topics. The design should therefore highlight the content, the context and create an ideal framework for inspiring dialogue.

All design elements and media provided by our visual identity can be used, such as images and illustrations in our DHL style, stirring videos and strong typography in our “Delivery” typeface. Combine space, print media and digital media to create a consistent event experience.

The design elements, such as the DHL logo and the Postyellow gradient can be flexibly applied according to our layout principle. The presence of Postyellow elements can be modulated to focus on images or illustrations, for example. Integrate the DHL logo where necessary for the audience, but avoid using it excessively.


Pylons and roll-up banners

Pylons and roll-up banners communicate topics and images of an event. You will find detailed informations in our Pylons and Roll-up Banners Design Guide.

Banners and flags

Banners and flags are used mainly outdoors to brand an event. Always use the DHL logo on banners and flags. Please enquire at your event location whether poles are available for using flags, and coordinate the attachments (flying or hanging flags) and format with them.



DHL banners and flags are available for rent. Please contact DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH. They have a full inventory of banners and flags with the corporate logos. Banners and flags are also available for purchase. Please contact WebShop via GeT.

Directional signs

Use signs to direct participants and visitors to the event and conference rooms, restaurants and lunch areas, smoking areas, and washrooms.

If the event is taking place at a hotel, the hotel’s electronic boards can often be used to label rooms and show directions. If these are not available, a number of different systems to show directions can be rented.

Stand-up displays that can be used to insert A3 print-outs (preferably laminated) or to attach Forex (lightweight foam) signs at least A3 size are convenient. Use Postyellow as a background color so that the signs stand out clearly from others nearby. Pylons are highly suited in situations where only one medium can be used to direct traffic to several different locations.

Stage backdrops

Our DHL Corporate Design allows for many different stage designs. The design should support the speakers and the presented content. The stage backdrop is a projection area to display logos, text elements, graphics, and images. It is important to integrate the DHL logo once on Postyellow. Otherwise our elements can be used freely, as long as they reference the clear, rectangular visual look of our layout principle. The use of the Gradient Module is preferred, however, Postyellow backgrounds can be used if this is not an option.

The use of gradients and backgrounds in Postyellow can also be modulated. A wide range of options are available – from full-format gradient or full Postyellow background to a small highlight gradient or Postyellow accent around the logo. A screen can be integrated into the backdrop if presentations or movies are planned.

Always work with partners who have framework agreements with us and involve our central purchasing department – Marketing & Media Procurement EMEA – in the ordering process.

Sample stage backdrops

Stage backdrops can be divided into single playable sections based on your needs. Only one section must contain the DHL logo. The sections do not have to be arranged linearly, but can be individually combined and arranged according to the topic.

Sample divided stage backdrops

Speaker’s podiums

A speaker's’ podium primarily serves as a place for speakers to put their scripts and water. If the speaker will be standing only at the podium, a gooseneck microphone is normally attached to the podium. But if the speaker wishes to leave the podium during the talk, or if panel discussion or interview will take place, a clip-on microphone is better. The podium is also something for the speaker to hold on to. It provides a sense of security in a way a tall table, which could also hold the script and water, cannot. Speakers’ podiums can be rented from the hotel, trade show builders, or a furniture rental company.

Podium examples with logo on Postyellow background

If the podium can be branded full-format in the DHL design, you can choose from two logo sizes. The use of the Gradient Module is preferred, however, Postyellow backgrounds may also be used if this is not an option. If a key visual is being used for the event, it can also be featured on the podium.

Podium examples with logo on brand field

If a podium is rented in a neutral color (as a rule white or beige), it is nearly always possible to attach a Forex (lightweight foam) board with the logo needed to the front of the podium. Two logo size options are available. DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH also has a few podiums in its rental catalog. They are properly branded in Postyellow and can be used with a number of different logo types.

DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH
Phone: +49 2203 36 800-0

Name signs

If talks or discussions are planned during which the speakers will sit at tables before the audience, name signs with the name and function of each person are advisable. Please check whether your in-house print shop can print name signs. That will help you save the expense of an agency. Please use thick, pre-folded cardstock so that the name signs are as stable as possible. Since many branding elements come together at an event the name tags do not necessarily have to be branded.

Name tags

Name tags help to identify participants at an event and make communication among them easier. People can also be recognized as event participants from a distance.

Name tags made of plastic with an alligator clip and a safety pin to attach the tag to clothing are very common. These name tags are available in a variety of sizes and models.

Trade show and event clothing

Trade show and event clothing is available for rent from DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH.

DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH
Phone: +49 2203 36 800-0


Posters can be used to communicate a variety of content, for example event announcements, information, ideas, or topics. Posters should make the audience curious about the upcoming event. Feel free to play with the individual components of the construction kit to come up with creative solutions, as long as you follow our layout principle. You will find detailed information on creating posters in our Ads, Posters, and Out-of-Home Design Guide.


Invitations can act as a preview of an upcoming event. They should be designed in a way that arouses curiosity, conveys the idea and theme of the event, and attracts attention. Makes sure that the most important information, such as date, time, and place,  is quickly accessible. Invitations can be sent as print versions or online. Always include a response element with every invitation so that you can track the exact number of participants and manage other aspects of your event, such as arrivals, departures, accommodation, etc.

Print invitations

A print invitation should always include a response element that can be returned via fax or scanned and sent via email. If the invitation is sent online, the responses should be returned online as well. It is advisable to personalize the response elements with the participant’s name and company. That will save you time when some participants return the response without their names.

Examples: DIN long

Examples: DIN A5

Examples: Square

Digital invitations

You can send online invitations as PDF files via email or as HTML.


If you offer catering, consider printing menus, especially at higher-class events. Often the caterer or event location can offer menus with a space for integrating the logo and the name of the event. In this case, you simply need to provide the text and print information. In some cases, it may be advisable to produce new menus in our Corporate Design in order to maintain consistent branding. Since many branding elements come together at an event, the menu does not necessarily have to be branded. Pay attention to a harmonious overall impression that avoids excessive branding.

Other useful guides