Exterior Signage

Branding Tower and Gates

Branding towers and gates play a somewhat smaller yet important role in signage and branding at our locations. Towers are designed to make our locations recognizable from a distance. Branding gates are used exclusively at our ServicePoints. In this guide, you’ll learn more about the various designs and sizes available.

Branding Tower and Gates
  • Branding towers
  • Branding gates

Branding towers

Branding towers are signs visible over a long distance. Because of their height they are particularly suitable for heavily built-up areas. However, branding towers are only used in special cases because they are expensive to produce. The sizes are based on the three available mast heights. You have the option of producing a two-sided or three-sided design. Please see the technical specifications for more details on this and the three different sizes.

The sizes are based on the three available mast heights.




Width × height Single Sign (mm)

Width × height Single Sign (inch)

Typ 19500

8522 × 1990 mm

335.5” × 78.3” 

Typ 24800

10795 × 2515 mm

425.0” × 99.0” 

Typ 30000

13039 × 3000 mm

513.3” × 118.1” 

Two-sided branding tower.

Three-sided branding tower.

Branding gates

Branding gates are intended for use at DHL ServicePoints. A number of designs are available, which, thanks to a modular construction, may be customized to fit the architecture of any building entrance.

The gates are luminous signs. The left and right columns as well as the so-called architrave with the logo are light boxes. In a separate guide, we explain all the branding gate types and provide guidelines for using and placing them. You can download a PDF version at the end of this guide.