Exterior Signage


This guide shows you examples of how our exterior signage is used. We use different signage depending on the type of building and architecture, the building’s location and function, and how we use the space in a building.

  • Roof signs
  • DHL warehouse in brand colors
  • DHL warehouse with single signs
  • DHL warehouse with band signs
  • Office building with single signs and pylons
  • DHL ServicePoints

Each sign has a specific function. Signs can be used independently and together with other signs. The illustration shows an example of different branded signs at a DHL warehouse. When planning signage, look at the entire site and its surroundings as a whole. Certain site-specific aspects, such as the proximity of an airport or highways, are important for determining large-scale signage and therefore must be given special consideration.

Roof signs

Installing roof signs is something to consider if your facility is located near an airport. This involves placing the DHL logo flat and clearly legible on the roof. The size and design depends primarily on the shape and condition of the roof, so you’ll need to customize your sign based your individual needs. 

The amount of wind and snow your roof is exposed to plays an important role, for example. And be sure to account for how much sunlight exposure might affect our Brand colors over time. We recommend a design that lights up and is visible at night.

DHL warehouse in brand colors

If your warehouse is already painted in brand colors, use large logos made of adhesive film on the facades wherever possible. Use light boxes on the administration building. Use the size scale to determine the sizes of your signs.


Logo placement

Always position the logo at the outer edges of the building. Logos placed on the same facade color should be the same size. This produces a symmetrical and harmonious overall impression.


Minimum spacing between the logos

If several logos are placed on one facade, the minimum distance between each logo should be equal to three times the logo width.


Minimum spacing for special cases

In some special cases, which require approval, logos can be scaled up to the maximum size on Postyellow facades. The space above and below the red letters in the logo to the building’s edges, awnings and other elements must be at least one base unit.

DHL warehouse with single signs

All buildings that are not painted in DHL brand colors may be branded with single signs in order to be recognized from a distance. Determine the type and design of your single signs based on the building type, the nature of the facade, and whether your signs should illuminate or be externally illuminated.

Always position single signs at the edges of the building. The logo size will depend primarily on the space available. If possible, your single signs should be the same size on all sides of the building and be positioned at equal distances from the building’s edges.

For large warehouses with neutral-colored facades, your single sign may also be made of adhesive film. This way you won’t need a mounting hardware on the facade to install the sign. The best facades for adhesive films are smooth surfaces (e.g. with a micro-lined profile).

DHL warehouse with band signs

Band signs are always placed on the front of the building or the side that offers the main view. Determine the height of the band sign based on the building’s architecture. Make sure to maintain a visible minimum distance between the band sign and the upper edge of the facade.

Building with band signs on two sides.

Building with band signs on all sides.

Office building with single signs and pylons

In office buildings, DHL single signs are installed primarily as light boxes to ensure recognition from a distance. The size and placement of the logo depends on the building and must be determined individually in each case. DHL pylons are suitable for marking building entrances. Where possible, we recommend installing pylons that illuminate.

DHL ServicePoints

DHL ServicePoints represent a particularly important customer touch point. Besides the usual exterior signage elements, such as single or cantilevered signs, shop windows or entrance doors play a special role. Branding gates can also be used here. We offer a separate guide for DHL ServicePoints, which includes these aspects and more. You’ll find a link to it below.

Common external signage elements at DHL ServicePoints.