Motion Graphics

Film is an important emotional medium to communicate our brand. Learn how our design basics are integrated as motion graphics and find downloadable templates of different elements, such as title, lower third or logo ending for your project here.

Motion Graphics
  • Essentials
  • Title
  • On-screen graphics
  • Lower third
  • Text
  • Chapter markers
  • Subtitles
  • Outro
  • Other formats
  • Motion Toolbox
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The principles of our basic elements are of course also applied to motion graphics. Especially our motion principles, the layout principle, typography, colors and our image style should be considered.


A title contains a headline and optional top- or sublines. In addition, the DHL logo and an additional logo can be placed. The text styling follows the principles in our Typography Guide.

It is possible to place the DHL logo and an additional logo.

On-screen graphics

Also known as a network bug, a digital on-screen graphic can be placed as an option in the upper part of the screen, preferably in the upper left corner. Choose between a subtle white version or a more prominent DHL Red version.


Lower third

The lower third is placed on the lower left edge of the screen. It contains the full name of a person and a short description. The font size depends on the screen size and format. Set the text in mixed case and flush left. Name and surname: Delivery Bold, DHL Red, mixed case. Short description: Delivery Regular, DHL Red, mixed case. The font size of short description is 90% of name and surname.

The background consists of a Postyellow box and the highlight gradient. The padding inside measures 0.5 base units.



Feel free to add text in all text styles and hierarchies that are defined in our Typography Guide. The text is preferably set flush-left. Available font colors are white, black, DHL Red and Postyellow. Place the text on areas that offer the most contrast to arouse a high legibility.


Dos and Dont’s

Chapter markers

Chapter markers can contain headlines, top- or sublines and copy text. It can be placed on a full-format or a highlight gradient. It is possible to set emphasis or quotations in Delivery Bold or Delivery Italic. You can find more information about text styling in our typography guide.



Subtitles are always displayed in the center. For better legibility, add a slight drop shadow to the text.

Exceptional case

If a subtitle is displayed in addition to the lower third, it is placed at the top of the screen so that there is no overlap.



A film always ends with the DHL logo with or without claim. Before the logo without claim, the claim can also be shown separately on a screen. Optionally, a URL or other detailed information can be shown before the claim. All elements are placed centered on a full-format gradient.



Additional text and logo

If required, text or an additional logo can be placed together with the DHL logo. There are several options. The DHL logo is always positioned at the bottom right or right of the screen. An additional logo is never shown together with the logo and claim.

Other formats

Video formats for social media channels

In addition to 16:9 formats, you can also create square (1:1) and portrait (9:16) videos for social media platforms. Apply the principles of our design basics for these formats as well.

Motion Toolbox

The DHL Motion Toolbox includes all of the basic design elements for motion graphics named above in the form of editable templates (essential graphics). You can import them into a template library in Adobe Premiere Pro or use the open files as an Adobe After Effects project. You can customize and use the individual templates for your film projects to create impressive films that best showcase our Brand.


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