Business Stationery

Our stationery turns every exchange into a DHL Brand message, which means it is one of our most important tools for brand communication. In this guide, we introduce you to our extensive range of stationery types – from letterhead and business cards to fax sheets and envelopes

Business Stationery
  • Templates
  • Measurements and dimensions
  • Other formats and documents


DHL employees working on DHL workstations and laptops can download the templates for the most frequently used types of business stationery from myNet.

DHL and DHL Business Unit templates

Microsoft Word templates are available for DHL and DHL Business Units. The Business Unit templates include the descriptor, which includes the Business Unit and our brand promise.

 DHL letterhead and Business Unit letterhead

Letterhead, fax form and memo templates

Microsoft Word templates are also available for letterhead, fax forms and memos.

Example of a DHL fax form and a memo

Measurements and dimensions

All media are also available as dimension sheets in PDF format. Based on the information you find there, you will be able to use the application of your choice to create on-brand stationery for your purposes. The PDF guidelines also contains ­spelling rules and abbreviations. Please request the manual from the Group Brand Services Team.

Measurements and dimensions

Other formats and documents