Promotional Items

Our DHL promotional items and giveaways foster brand awareness among our customers, suppliers and employees. Using our webshop, you can select a variety of quality products based on your budget, target group and purpose. This allows you to quickly find the products that match your selection criteria. This guide provides an overview of our promotional items, including how to order them.

Promotional Items
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Our DHL promotional items and giveaways increase the visibility and appeal of our brand. They add value and allow us to express appreciation for our customers. We offer a variety of products for many different occasions, such as press conferences, events, anniversaries, awards, and trade shows. Depending on the event, these items can appeal to a different audience and provide incentives to engage with the DHL brand. You will find many promotional items in our webshop, such as pens, balloons, or umbrellas. Each item meets our standards for quality, sustainability, and environmental friendliness. The items may have more or less DHL branding, depending on their brand value.



Authorized personnel may order items quickly and conveniently from the Web Shop via GeT. Employees with a specific budget for merchandise (e.g. for events) should contact the Promotional Item department.

DHL Fanshop

Fans of the DHL brand can order DHL-branded merchandise from our Fanshop.