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Sending messages via WhatsApp is a great way to stay in contact with your friends and family. With our new WhatsApp sticker application – DHL Logisticky – you can add a bit of fun to your text messages. With the unique sticker designs, you’ll not only convey messages quickly, you’ll also leave an impression. In this guide, you will find a short overview of our stickers, how to use them correctly and files to download.

WhatsApp Sticker
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Say Hello to DHL Logisticky!

When was the last time you sent a WhatsApp message? Just now? A few minutes ago? Now you can liven up your chats with DHL Logisticky! The brainchild of the Group Communications, Sustainability and Brand team in Asia Pacific (DHL AP CSB), DHL Logisticky brings the DHL brand into our personal day-to-day communications. The sticker packs include a wide variety of icons and illustrations to use for all kinds of messages and responses. The sticker application and packs are now available for download and local adaptation.


DHL Logisticky

The first sticker pack shares the same name as our sticker application: DHL Logisticky. With 20 different stickers, DHL Logisticky has the right image for almost any occasion, whether a thank you, an affirmation or just a good laugh.

The DHL Logisticky sticker pack

AsiaCup and AsiaCup #TogetherUnstoppable

Do you find it hard to describe how excited you are for AsiaCup in words? Well, now you can share your excitement with this specially designed sticker pack.

Developed by the DHL Express APEC team, this pack comes with 30 AsiaCup-themed stickers and another 25 country/team flags stickers, which you can install in WhatsApp. Join in the action and jazz up your chats with these specially designed DHL football and cheerleading themed stickers

The Asia Cup sticker pack

The Asia Cup #TogetherUnstoppable sticker pack


Developed by DHL Supply Chain Singapore (DSC SG), the #ShiokToWork WhatsApp sticker pack was launched as part of their initiative to engage employees in a fun and light-hearted digital conversation.

To better express themselves using the local culture, employees can now incorporate the stickers into their daily chats with colleagues and friends at work. The stickers represent the top 20 commonly used Singlish (Singapore English) words and phrases.

The #ShiokToWork sticker pack

Downloading Application and Sticker Packs

DHL employees with Android phones can search “DHL Logisticky” and download it from the Google Play Store. Once installed, click “Add sticker pack to WhatsApp” in the app and you will be able to access the stickers on your keyboard when typing a message on WhatsApp – just like using emojis!

Our stickers are currently only optimized for use in WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the Apple App Store no longer allows stand-alone sticker packs to be uploaded as an app. But fear not! If you would like to use the stickers on other platforms, follow the instructions in “Downloading DHL Logisticky Guideline” in the download area below.

Please note that if you want to upload a sticker pack to the app, there is an administrative fee to do so. For further information, please contact the GBS Team.

Creating new stickers

If you would like to create a new sticker pack, please contact the GBS Team. Then follow the guidelines in our Illustrations, Topography and Icons Guides to ensure that your sticker designs are brand compliant. You may use the provided stickers as a template and to ensure that your new stickers fit into the sets. New sticker packs must have a sticker pack name and an author name (e.g DSC SG, DHLE, DHL AP). Up to 30 stickers are allowed in each pack. Any additional stickers must be placed in a new pack.

After the GBS Team has approved your sticker designs, you will be connected to DHL AP CSB and a creative agency will assist with the development of your sticker pack. Please note that there is an administrative charge to upload sticker packs on to the DHL Logisticky application.

Dos and Don’ts

Your sticker designs should be based on commonly used conversational terms or topics so that they can be used in a wide variety of chat messages.


If you need additional support or inspiration to design your stickers, please contact the Group Brand Services Team. The help desk is available five days a week (Monday–Friday) from 8:00 to 18:00 CET.

Group Brand Services Team
Phone: +49 228 182-10444


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DHL Logisticky
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