DHL’s Facebook pages should have a B2C focus, as this platform is focused on consumers rather than businesses. Consumers enjoy a mixture of business information and entertainment. A good rule of thumb is to post around 80% DHL-related entertainment, and 20% educational content.

  • How to interact with customers
  • Your profile page
  • Header images
  • General Dos and Don’ts
  • Best practice examples

How to interact with customers

Businesses with a respected social media presence have an active and positive relationship with their customers. This is made possible by a community team that responds quickly to customer needs with sharp, thoughtful answers. They deal professionally with praise, complaints and questions. Remember to:

  • Respond in a timely fashion
  • Be friendly and professional, whatever the message
  • Use DHL-approved language and tonality and never get personal
  • Be proactive in your help and direct customers to where they need to go

Keep in mind that managing a medium-to-large community might require full-time employees.

Your profile page

Your profile page acts as the face of DHL. To ensure you represent our Brand correctly, you must comply with the following:

Header images

General Dos and Don’ts


  • Employ enthusiastic social media experts to manage your page, especially those who know how to create good content
  • Spend time crafting your posts. Brainstorm with colleagues to find new creative angles, and always create a few variations of a post to compare
  • Establish a Q&A process for posts. Allow colleagues to verify the clarity and creativity of your ideas, and ensure they meet DHL’s high-quality standards. Please take a look at our Social Media Playbook for guidelines on social communication
  • Create posts with the consumer in mind. Ask yourself: is this understandable for people outside of the company? Will consumers appreciate the post?
  • Show appreciation when customers reply to posts with positive sentiments


  • Don’t comment on sensitive topics such as politics or competitors. Keep it DHL-focused and professional at all times
  • Don’t be careless with login details. Keep these credentials safe and only accessible by selected employees or contracted partners. If you don’t, a potential PR-disaster could be around the corner
  • Don’t ignore negative comments or complaints. Silence can be seen as very disrespectful. Try to resolve these in a good way and as positively as possible
  • A short headline describing the DHL brand and its vision is acceptable. Don’t incorporate advertisements, teasers with copy, calls-to-action, or any other additional branding

Best practice examples



Company initiative



TIP: Upload videos to Facebook directly. People are more likely to engage with these videos than, for example, YouTube links.