Instagram users choose the accounts they follow with care. If a brand’s posts do not meet their expectations, they will not hesitate to unfollow the account. Comments and discussions on Instagram are not as common as they are on Facebook. That being said, every comment left by a customer is an opportunity to engage and grow brand loyalty.

  • How to reach customers
  • Your profile page
  • Instagram posts
  • General Dos and Don’ts
  • Best practice examples

How to reach customers

Compared to fashion or design brands that work with aesthetically pleasing products, DHL has to be smarter about creating content that is on-brand and visually appealing. Without this, it will be hard to gain followers and earn attention. If this can’t be achieved, it will be hard to earn consumers’ attention.

  • Pick topics that have strong visual storytelling appeal.
  • Use current trends as inspiration.
  • Keep scenarios diverse, colorful and emotional.

Your profile page

Your profile page acts as the face of DHL. To ensure you represent our Brand correctly, you must comply with the following:

Instagram posts

Describe your images and explain what they are about. If you receive negative or aggressive comments, remember to always answer in a friendly, professional, and neutral manner. Make sure to publish high-quality images. Connect images to current events and topics or the season to increase relevance.

General Dos and Don’ts


  • Make sure to use a camera or smartphone that can take excellent and high-quality photos
  • Spend some time making sure you have many different pictures from varying angles. Go through the pictures and select the best one
  • Use Instagram’s built-in editor, or smartphone apps like Snapseed, to edit and crop smartphone photos before posting them
  • Enrich every photo with a short but catchy caption
  • Is a national holiday approaching? Is a new blockbuster movie being released? Play around, come up with funny imagery and connect current events to your images. Just make sure that it is positive and non-offensive


  • Don’t post low-quality photos
  • Don’t post a large number of photos in the same style
  • Don’t post things that are only understandable or fun for DHL employees (if your account is consumer-facing)
  • Don’t post for the sake of it. Sometimes less is more

Best practice examples



Eye-catching image

Employees / Special moment

Infographic 1. Describe why this post is engaging 2. Add tips for creating this type of post


World Wildlife Day Infographic