For brands, YouTube is best used as a way to share videos. Discussions are more suited to other social networks. Use your DHL YouTube channel as a public archive for high-quality video content that tells stories about the brand and helps strengthen our market position.

  • How to reach your audience
  • Your channel page
  • Channel art
  • Title frames / thumbnails
  • General Dos and Don’ts

How to reach your audience

It’s a good idea to avoid having too many different accounts in your region. If your country has 20 different channels, it will be difficult for customers to know where to go. Aim to keep your video content concentrated in as few places as possible.

A great way to help people find your content is to use playlists that neatly sort videos into categories. Give your playlists intelligent names based on DHL business areas, such as like innovation, responsibility, global trade, etc.

Your channel page

Your channel page acts as the face of DHL. In order to properly represent the DHL Brand, you must comply with the following:

Channel art

Use clean, uncluttered images for the channel art. Do not place a logo in the header. You may add a short copy that describes your positioning or topic. Keep the copy short. Use the correct brand colors, font and assets.

Title frames / thumbnails

Use the templates in our guide “motion graphics” to create a video intro for use as a preview image.

General Dos and Don’ts


  • Be selective with the kinds of video you upload on your YouTube channel –  quality over quantity is the best rule of thumb
  • Consolidate or coordinate several YouTube channels in your region
  • Use high-quality equipment when recording your own material
  • Find topics that are relevant for your audience and create content around them
  • Spend time giving your video an appealing thumbnail, name and description
  • Sort your videos into playlists as they’re posted


  • Don’t be afraid to clean up your YouTube channel. If the content is out of date or not needed anymore, delete it or hide it by marking it as private
  • Don’t upload content that doesn’t meet DHL’s quality standards
  • Don’t expect people to find videos by themselves – get them in front of as many people as possible by promoting videos on other social media channels