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Social platforms are a staple of modern-day communications. They allow internal and external audiences to get actively involved in discussions, as well as connect with a brand on an emotional level. Social platforms allow customers to gain direct insights into DHL, it’s initiatives, its green credentials, and more. For more information on how to set up an official DHL social media account, please refer to the social media playbook.It is in the download area below.

  • The basics
  • Naming your account
  • Designing profile pictures for your account
  • Dos and Don’ts
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The basics

Social media may be free, but consider how valuable your time is before signing up for a new account. And please review the following:

  1. Look into the different social media channels and determine which will work best for your business.
  2. Consider the following factors: The service you are offering and the available human and financial resources at your disposal.
  3. Check if social media accounts in your country or region already exist for this specific channel. It could be more effective to use existing accounts so that your activities reach a broader audience. It makes more sense to share a channel with different target groups instead of building your own with only a few followers.
  4. Only sign up for those social media channels which are most relevant to your business. It’s better focus your work on a few relevant channels rather than spreading yourself thin over many, less relevant channels.

Naming your account

DHL naming conventions generally require the brand name and the region. You can also include special service areas, for instance “customer service” or “help”.

For business

DHL Netherlands
DHL Kuwait

For topics

DHL Fastest Lap United Kingdom
DHL Go Green
DHL Power of Global Trade

For products

DHL Service Point
DHL Sameday USA

For domains

When creating domains, the same structure is required as for usernames. Note that Twitter only allows a limited number of characters, and it is not always possible to apply the BRAND > THEME > COUNTRY naming convention.

In these cases, select a name that is as close as possible to your desired one.

full length: DHLExpressSweden
shortened: DHLExpressSW

For files

The above naming convention also applies to files (such as documents, pictures, and videos) that will be used on social media. Individual words in a file name should be separated by a hyphen, not a space.

Examples: DHL-Express-US-Invitation.jpg or DHL-Globalforwarding-Italy-Poster.jpg

Designing profile pictures for your account

Always use the DHL logo as your profile picture. For collaborations, use the official campaign logo. Do not add flags or typography to the logo. Communicate your Business Unit and/or region in the name of your account, not through the profile picture.

Thematic accounts for campaigns or initiatives may have profile images with different creative approaches. In each case, make sure the profile image works as a thumbnail. Avoid small text and crowding.

Dos and Don’ts


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DPDHL Group Social Media Playbook
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