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Social media posts are a great way to get in contact with customers, clients, users, and consumers. When following a few basic rules it can be a great means of communication to improve brand presence and reputation.

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Before publishing content to any official DHL social channel, make sure you take the following aspects into account:


Is the message and meaning of your post in line with the DHL Brand and its policies? Does it match our brand personality? For more information on our communication guidelines, please download the Social Media Playbook. 


Are you using high-quality images? Is the spelling and grammar correct? Have you fact-checked your information?


Is the layout, typography and color choice in line with our brand design? For more information on our communication guidelines, please download the playbook.


Image posts

Sometimes it may be necessary to create a picture quickly and without much effort. Nevertheless, even if time is short, the basic parameters such as perspective, detail and light situation should always be kept in mind. With regard to social media, it is helpful to briefly think about in which channel (and thus in which format) an image is needed, in order to create high-quality image material from the outset. Along with creating a clear visual message and ensuring you have the copyright to publish, check the following points to ensure you are in line with our Brand’s visual guidelines.

Dos and Don’ts

Teasers and branded posts

Teasers can be in any format and have any layout, as long as they make use of the basic brand elements. It’s always good to use the gradient as a text background because it ensures good legibility. For posts of e.g. 640 px width a DHL logo width of 112 px and a base unit size of 16 px is recommended. Please note that format specifications for the individual social media platforms can change at any time and must be checked individually if necessary.


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DPDHL Group Social Media Playbook
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