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Video Conception Guideline

DHL is a very versatile employer. It’s no wonder, then, that there are lots of interesting stories to tell about our dedicated team members. With videos that present our colleagues and their day-to-day work, we can convey an authentic picture of DHL as an employer to the outside world. This video conception guide will help you with the production of videos to communicate our employer brand consistently, wherever you are in the world.

Video Conception Guideline
  • Why a DHL vlog – and what exactly is that, anyway?
  • The perfect angle: aka the sweet spot
  • Composition and lighting
  • Variable image sections
  • The story
  • Example questions

Why a DHL vlog – and what exactly is that, anyway?

Creating and sharing a vlog (= video blog) has become a popular way for people to express their personalities and record their lives by speaking about certain topics – or just merely sharing their experiences in everyday life.

That is why we want to give our employees a representative voice ­– across all countries, business units, and divisions – by realizing a convenient vlog framework, so that they can share their individual experiences. For everyone outside the company, we will offer a glimpse into our employees’ day-to-day work – and share the fun, the responsibility, and possible future prospects that come with working for DHL. For that purpose, we want to establish the format 1 day, 1 job, 1 minute.

The perfect angle: aka the sweet spot

Every person has their good side, both in physical and psychological terms. For maximum convenience during the video shoot, start by testing the ideal posture of the person being interviewed.
We want to create an authentic "day at work" situation. The way the people look into the camera, their expression, and their posture reflect the honest person they are as well as the credibility and strength of our company values.



Make the employee feel comfortable – it’s their smile that wins the audience.


Create a rushed or inconvenient setting – this will lead to stressed expressions.

Position them at a slight angle to the camera, looking slightly past it into the distance or at somebody off-camera (real or imagined).

Use shots where the employee appears stiff or glazed over

Place them in a standing position or leaning against something.

Place them in a sitting position

Composition and lighting

Filming your interviewee with good composition and lighting is very important because the composition defines how the subject appears in the shots. The right composition can emphasize the subject and make frames more beautiful.



Use a bright setting, ideally daylight



Use night shots


Make DHL and/or Deutsche Post logos visible

Use ANY external brand logos, number plates, names


Film DHL employees without permission

Variable image sections

Camera angle: Interview
One camera should always be pointing towards the interviewee. In the best case scenario, a second camera should film close-up, positioned at a side angle.

Camera angle: Working situation
Camera settings: close-up, full, long, and normal shot.

Ready, set, record – the appropriate shooting environment
The appropriate environment and equipment are crucial. Make sure to complete this checklist before filming:

  • Location prepared (no technical and/or personnel disturbances during video shoot)
  • Timetable of the shoot officially communicated and notified (email and/or physical notes)
  • Setting checked and prepared (pay attention to backgrounds, sounds, and lighting)
  • All details set: clothing, hair, and makeup of employee/interviewee

The story

Media and the way we use it has changed. But one thing has remained the same: People love stories. That’s why we want to take the audience through “a day in the life,” by telling a story – rather than gathering information randomly.

To create an authentic framework, please tailor the following questions to each focus employee’s needs. The questions will be sent to the interviewee as preparation for the video shoot to make sure answers are fluent and confident.
You will find an obligatory section for the introduction, followed by a list of optional questions (post production/cut) and the obligatory ending, including the CTA and our “Who.../You do.” headline mechanism.

This is how we ensure an equal amount of footage for editing into a new “1 day, 1 job, 1 minute” video.


Example storyboard

This is how our creative concept strengthens the backbone of our employer brand identity. It allows us to define ourselves using clear language and a distinct design in our campaigns and our communications with all our target audiences. Plus, it helps us stand out and stay in people’s minds for all the right reasons.

*Please select royalty-free background music with upbeat moods and a friendly, yet unpretentious and modern tone.

Example questions


Q1 (“Obligatory part”)

  • What’s your full name?
  • „My name is ------“

Q2 (“Grow with us”)

  • What’s your specific working area?
  • How long have you been working for DHL?
  • “I have been working for DHL since /for -------”
  • What makes working for DHL different to other employers?
  • How has DHL helped you develop, both professionally and personally?

(Please describe your career background/history in your own words, using the correct terms of section and/or title without abbreviations.)

Q3 (“Committed team”)

  • What do you like most about your job?
  • What is the vibe like in the team, and what do you do to lift the mood?
  • How do you motivate yourself and others?
  • What’s the best thing about collaborating with people from all over the world/with all kinds of backgrounds?
  • How do you support each other at work?

Q4 (“Responsible company”)

  • How do you feel you contribute to DHL’s purpose in your day-to-day working life – that is, connecting people and improving lives?
  • How important is job security for you?
  • Do you feel taken care of – how does DHL as your employer support you individually?
  • How does DHL fulfil its social responsibility, for example, with regard to the climate or people from disadvantaged backgrounds?

(Please describe your personal situation, e.g.,  parenting/part time, special support, career development plans...)

Q5 (“Think ahead”)

  • How does DHL make your day easier – do you already use advanced solutions, e.g., e-mobility or other state-of-the-art technology?
  • How does your approach make a difference?
  • What has been your favorite project to develop, realize, or guide?
  • How does your idea/service/solution help to shape the future of logistics?
  • How does DHL encourage you to create and drive your own ideas?

Q6 (“Obligatory part”)


  • What’s your best advice for a job applicant?
    (Speaking directly to your future colleague
  • Who applies for a job at DHL? I hope you do.


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