Group Initiatives

Certified Logos

There are seven key overarching Certified Programs within the DPDHL Group, each with a separate logo. With the exception of “P&P Experte”, which is used in Post & Parcel Germany design, all Certified logos are used in DHL media. In this Design Guide, you will find an overview of each program and a link to the Certified Logos Design Guide in the DHL section.


The Certified International Specialist (CIS) concept was initiated by DHL Express in 2010 with the aim of providing an effective blend of engagement, education and knowledge transfer to employees to create a long lasting cultural shift.

Following the success of the DHL Express CIS Program and the launch of Strategy 2020, the Certified program has been taken to a new level and has become a Group-wide initiative, with each division driving its own dedicated Certified program since 2014.

Below is the list of our seven Certified programs and their corresponding logos:

  • CIS: Certified International Specialist
  • CSCS: Certified Supply Chain Specialist
  • CIF: Certified International Forwarder
  • CFS: Certified Freight Specialist
  • P&P: Experte Post & Paket Deutschland
  • CLP: Certified Logistics Professional
  • CES: Certified eCommerce Specialist

Please find more information on the application of these logos in the DHL Section: