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Post & Parcel Germany

Post & Parcel Germany offers both Deutsche Post and DHL services, meaning that our two Brands overlap. In this guide, you will learn about our co-branding solution for external and internal communications and see different application examples.

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Communications media for the Post & Parcel Germany follow the Corporate Design of Deutsche Post DHL Group with one exception: communications are co-branded with the Deutsche Post and DHL logos. Both brands are displayed equally, basically replacing the DPDHL Group logo. However, the Deutsche Post logo always comes first, followed by the DHL logo.


Logo sizes

A predefined ratio determines the size and spacing of the two logos. If both logos are placed next to each other, they share the same baseline. If the Deutsche Post logo is resized, adjust the DHL logo proportionally. The DHL logo retains the width of 85% of the Deutsche Post logo.

One exception is business stationary, where both logos are displayed on the brand field and have the same height and width, regardless of the placement.

The horizontal and vertical minimum distance between both logos is one base unit. The Deutsche Post logo always comes first, followed by the DHL logo.

Horizontal alignment (left), vertical alignment (right)


A number of placement options are available, depending on the layout and available space. Based on the DPDHL Group layout principle, you have several options for placing both logos together on one layout.

Office supplies


On stationery, use the current DPDHL Group templates for business stationery such as letterheads, business cards, and envelopes. The two logos have the same dimensions as described above. You can download Post & Parcel Germany business stationery templates on myNet.


Use the DPDHL Group PowerPoint® templates to create presentations for Post & Parcel Germany. All important basic settings such as font, font size, line spacing, color, etc. are already configured in the templates.


If you have any questions about our stationery or PowerPoint® templates, please contact:

Presentations Services Project Management
Williams Lea & Tag GmbH
Phone: +49 228 24983 444


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